Inngangur kvennadeilda lokaður


This part of the site presents issues specific for health care professionals.

Nurses are the most numerous group of employees adding up to about 25% of all employees and 40% of health care professionals. The second and third largest groups of health care professionals are medical doctors and nurse associates each group adding up to about 20% of health care professionals. Nurses are also the largest group of foreign professionals.

On the website of the Parliament you find the law for the licencing of health care professions including the EEA directive 2005/36/EC replacing numerous former ones and the new Icelandic directive 461/2011 for EEA citizens. All health care professionals that wish to work in Iceland must be registration / licenced in Iceland. A national registration is undir no circumstances accepted solely. This applies also to Nordic citizens/ Nordic registrations.  Application and information is at the Directorate of Health (Landlæknir). Detailed information for nurses are here on the Landspitali website. In general the same rule applies to other professions.

Information material in English - Induction to work at Landspitali:  
Documents for foreign professional is provided on the site "The hospital - New employees."  In addition, material specific for nurses is on the site "Professionals - Nurses." This material focuses on professional health care issues and Landspitali.  Information regarding living in Iceland is best retrieved from directly or via our site "Daily life."