New employees

 Learning Icelandic is essential for the continuation of employment contract. The language requirements are stated here in English and Polish. Please check out our "Icelandic" site.

A welcome session by Human Resources (mannauðssvið) includes issues like the organizational structure and services at the hospital, the working environment, health and safety, employees' rights and duties and infection control. You find the dates at the hospital online Syllabus (Námskrá) as "Kynningar." It is very important that all new employees attend such a session once. Those that understand some Icelandic at the onset of work are strongly advised to attend and others to do so once their fluency has improved. Please contact your manager for registration.

This website in English for foreign employees is meant as a part  of job induction. Information material in English is here below. There is a website in Icelandic for new employees on our internal site that contains far more information. Foreign employees are advised to read it gradually as their fluency in Icelandic improves.

Induction at the unit is organised by each manager. The length and content depends on the job and the needs of the new employee. Please discuss this with your manager. Each new employee can expect to be appointed a precepter at hies/her unit that oversees his/her induction.

An induction booklet is available in Icelandic only.

Information material - Induction to work at Landspitali:        
for all new employees is below. It focuses on Landspitali and health care issues. Additional material for nurses is on the site "Professionals - Nurses." Information regarding living in Iceland is best retrieved from directly or via our site "Daily life."  
Health Care Systems in Transition (2003) Directorate of Health.  
The Icelandic National Health Plan to the year 2010.
Patients Rights´Act No 74/1997.   
Your rights - Important information for foreign women in Iceland.    
Study: foreign nurses in hospitals in Iceland, their experience.   
Landspitali organizational chart.  
Map of Hringbraut, the hospital main area, with explanations.  
Salary statement.  
Association of Academics (BHM): some of the member associations/unions: biomedical scientistsradiographers, occupational therapists, midwives, physiotherapists, nutrition scientists, natural scientists,    
Associaton of Acacemics, various funds (in Icelandic): Vacation fund, its Health and Sickness fund and fund for Continuing Education.  
Association of medical doctors (Icelandic).  
Association of nurses (English).  
Association of nurse associates (Icelandic). 
Employee yearly interview with the manager: preparation.     
WorkHour ("Vinnustund") Self-service, guidelines.

Twoje prawa - wazne informacje dla cudzoziemek na Islandii.  
Wymagania odnosnie znajomosc jezyka - Icelandic language fluency requriements - Polish.  
Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna - Pytania pomocnicze.