Inngangur kvennadeilda lokaður


About the language

Information about the language you find at the Official Gateway to Iceland.

Fluency requirements

Icelandic is the only official language in Iceland. Employees at Landspítali are required to speak and understand Icelandic. Documents and conversation between staff is in Icelandic and our patients expect services to be provided in Icelandic. Occasionally we recruit specialists that are not fluent in Icelandic and in that case they are required to be highly fluent in English (applies also to those that speak Nordic languages). Those employees are required to learn Icelandic as well and fast as is possible -the estimate is that a considerable fluency is attained within one year. This means that there can be a high pressure for foreigners to start to work at the hospital as they are expected to learn Icelandic on top of their workschedule while also adjusting to a new culture at work and in society away from at least part of their support network. The details of the language requirements are below.

Icelandic language fluency requirments - English  
Wymagania odnosnie znajomosc jezyka - Icelandic language fluency requriements - Polish