Inngangur kvennadeilda lokaður

Daily life

Information regarding life in Iceland is all in one place and in English on the site. There you find everything about the health and social security system, education, culture, public services, family matters, gender equality legislation, housing, taxing,employment and other issues that immigrants and others staying for some time in Iceland need to know. Here below are just a few useful additional issues. Then the site "Links" provides additional sources of information.

Important websites for public policies, legislation and services are the ones of the Directorate of Health, the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Education,Science and Culture. Legislation you find at the Althingi web, immigration/ guest workers´ matters at the Directorate of Immigration and employment matters the Directorate of Labour.

Widely used Icelandic Internet search engines are, and Google.

News and weather
News from Iceland in English is on Iceland Review and you can read online newspapers from all over the world. The weather forecast in Iceland and in the world you find at the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

To find a certain street
For Reykjavík please visit Borgarvefsjá. The site covers streets in whole Iceland but it focuses on finding accomodation and requires some local knowledge. Then the maps showing the bus routes in Reykjavik and the surrounding areas, can be useful as they show all streets.

Councelling and assistance with legal matters   
The city of Reykjavik offers immigrants living in the city councelling and legal assistance free of charge. This includes information regarding residence and work permits, taxes, learning Icelandic and various matters of the family like a divorse.This service is located at the Community Service Center for Miðborg and Hlíðar at Skúlagata 21 Reykjavík. Open 08.30-16.00 Monday-Friday. Those that require an interpretator to be present need to book an appointment.

Icelandic Red Cross runs several projects to support children and adults of  foreign origin as they settle in Iceland or if they feel isolated.