Foreign employees

At Landspitali there are 171 (3,5%) employees with a foreign nationality and around 50 in addition to that are of foreign origin but have aquired an Icelandic citizenship (1 January 2014). They come from 31 countries. Our foreign employees work in all division and in a wide variety of jobs.  Around 40% are professionals, mostly health care professionals and most of those are Nurses and Nurse Associates. Around 65% of our employees with a foreign nationality are from Europe. 33% come from Poland, 11% from the Filippines. Very few come from Africa and the Americas.

This website is intended for our newly recruited foreign employees that are not fluent in Icelandic and/or have not lived in Iceland before.  It is meant to assist them as they integrate into their new job and society. It provides general information about hospital issues and about learning Icelandic. It is also a gateway to the Icelandic culture and society with a focus on employment matters such as work and residence permits, professional registration/licencing and labour unions. Due to complexity of the work of health care professionals, additional pages are for them, at the moment mostly for Nurses as they are the largest group.